• About us/ Shipping and TAT

    We are a small family run business based in the PNW. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality unique molds and silicone beads. All our molds are hand poured and made to order. Our current mold to ship time is 48 hours, bead packages ship same day if ordered by 11am PST. All our packages come with tracking numbers, however only Priority packages are insured- if you choose economy or standard or 1st class shipping we will help track your packages, but we are not responsible for lost packages through USPS.We ship from Vancouver, WA. Please see our refund/ store policies for additional information.

  • What products do you offer?

    We offer hand-poured custom silicone molds as well as a full line of silicone beads, including beadable blanks.

    We also have a full line of laser engraved products to help you display your resin and beaded items- customization with your business information is also available!

    Finally we offer laser engraved acrylic blanks for mold makers to create and sell their own molds. If you have an idea we can help bring it to life!

  • Do you make custom molds?

    Yes we absolutely do- we design, cut and mold everything in house so we are able to offer your custom mold design that's exactly what you've been dreaming of in a timely fashion! We currently do not make 3d custom molds. You will get to see a preview of your mold prior to us cutting your blank to make sure its exactly what your wanting! Once approved, we will cut, mold and ship.

    All of our molds by default are made in Teal colored silicone- if you are using UV resin and prefer your mold in clear you MUST add that in the notes section at checkout!

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PACKAGES NOTICE: It’s the most wonderful time of the year...which also means delays and stuck or missing packages… some may come slower than usual or sit in an area longer than usual. Once a package leaves our hands ( usually super fast as yall know ) there is very little we can do- if your package shows delivered but not there- you can contact your local usps office and they can track it to exactly where it was left- Alot of times in the hustle and bustle they mis-scan as delivered and it will show up next business day- If you think its lost or hasn't moved in days- ground advantage and priority mail packages do require 8 business days before we can do ANYTHING. Then a missing search must be filed before you can file a claim... we are happy to assist in this process- 9/10 once the missing package search is initiated it pops up- this is really simple to do online- all you need is your tracking number and contents ( hopefully you remember what you ordered LOL ) all packages come with standard tracking and insurance up to $100- priority packages are insured to the value of the order. We will do everything we can to help , as we know its exciting to receive goodies in the mail- but please be kind in your emails , as theres only so much we can do also after it leaves our hands! Below you will find links to file at usps! ❤ Missing package search: https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm File a claim: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm You can always email us as well at Info@chezmolds.com